S3:E6 The Arts (11/5/13)

November 5, 2013 – Faith & Culture: Religion and Art: Coping and Understanding

Season 3, Episode 6 (Kristallnacht, 3 of 3)

Michael Tippett

Sir Michael Tippett

In this program we conclude our three-part series around themes related to 75th commemoration of Kristallnacht. In this discussion: faith and the arts. A picture – whether it’s a painting or a photograph – is worth a thousand words, music soothes the savage beast in all of us, there are national bards… and there’s classic and contemporary literature… and there’s the ballet, the theater, the cinema, computerized graphic arts, and sculpture and pottery, and the list goes on – art is all around us. We’ll take a look at art in general and religious art in particular, its mediums and messages, and the many ways that art is a means to express, to cope, to educate, to understand, and so much more.

John Sinclair

Dr. John Sinclair

Additional conversation with John Sinclair:

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