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July 15, 2014 – Faith & Culture: Film as a Faith Argument

Season 6, Episode 3 (Series: 2 of 3)

FilmsOn this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll discuss faith and the movies. With revenues of over 13 billion dollars a year — and more than 1% of the US population working in it — the motion picture industry is very big business.  Since 1980 nearly 100 Christian “message films” have been released in the US earning about 1.5 billion dollars at the box office.  Three of the top seven grossing religious films of all time were released this year.  Is there a renewed interest in religiously oriented films both by filmmakers and the general public?  And what about films that present certain faith arguments intended to persuade or convert the audience?  We’ll talk about film as a way to make a “faith argument” on this episode of Friends Talking Faith – Tuesday at 6:30 PM — WMFE 90.7 FM.


July 8, 2014 – Faith & Society: Faith Stories and Hollywood

Season 6, Episode 2 (Series: 1 of 3)

HollywoodA - Symbol - Click Here 2Lights… camera… action! On this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we discuss faith and Hollywood.

Hollywood, California – it’s synonymous with movie stars, film studios, and a lifestyle of glamour and fame. It seems about as far away from the religious life as one could get. Still, the motion picture industry produces a huge number of films that have religious themes. Noah is a popular character for film, likewise Moses, King David, and Jesus. There’s often strong criticism from some segments of the religious community about the use of faith stories in Hollywood films. Be a star, and listen to this episode of Friends Talking Faith.

A Season 5 Highlight

June 24, 2014 – Faith & Politics: A Conversation with James Armstrong

Season 5, Episode 13

Dr Armstrong2

Dr. James Armstrong

A - Symbol - Click Here 2On this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we discuss faith and politics.  Probably we’ve all heard the warning: “In polite company… one should never talk about politics or religion!”  On this program, we talk about both!  Whether it’s hot button issues like abortion, gay marriage, climate change, social programs for the poor, corporate welfare for wealthy businesses, or taxation – religion is often part of the political conversation.  Our guest on this program, the Rev. Dr. James Armstrong, has been one of the leading voices in America on the issue of religion and politics. It’s a lively and thought-provoking conversation. We also discuss Dr. Armstrong’s new book:

If Only - George McGovern (Cover)


If Only:

George McGovern and

the America That Might Have Been

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We’ve been doing it together for almost 15 years: talking and listening with each other as friends!  A Reform Rabbi, a Suni Imam, and a Congregational (UCC) Minister.  It has been a journey of ever deepening friendship and respect.  When you are friends first, then even when you disagree, you’re still friends.  It’s a model of interfaith relationship we believe is essential for people of faith, and those who claim no faith community at all.

Friends Talking Faith with the Three Wise Guys –  launched in Florida on Sunday, April 1, 2012, at 6:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Orlando’s NPR affiliate, 90.7 WMFE

“Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys” airs weekly on Tuesday at 6:30 PM (Eastern Time) on 90.7 WMFE Orlando.

The Three Wise Guys

(left to right as pictured above: Fulwider, Engel, Musri)

Rabbi Steven Engel - Senior Rabbi, Congregation of Reform Judaism and Past President of the Greater Orlando Board of Rabbis.

Imam Muhammad Musri Senior Imam, The Islamic Society of Central Florida and President of Islam, Inc.

the Rev. Bryan Fulwider A Pastor in Congregations for over 25 years and Founding President of Building US

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