S3:E5 Bullying (10/29/13)

October 29, 2013 – Faith and Society: Bullying and Bystanders / Up-Standers

Season 3, Episode 5 (Kristallnacht, 2 of 3)

BullyingBullying – it happens in schools, in the workplace, and many other settings in society… in this program we embark on our second in this three-part series regarding themes related to the 75th commemoration of Kristallnacht. It was called the night of broken glass, and many consider it to be the beginning of World War II and the Holocaust, synagogues and Jewish businesses were destroyed throughout Germany and Austria. Was the mentality of bullying at the heart of Hitler’s Third Reich? And what important lessons do the events of Kristallnacht teach us about how to put a stop to acts of bullying? Are most of us satisfied being bystanders, or does our faith call us to be up-standers? Listen in, then join the conversation…

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