S8:E23 Assimilation (12/8/15)

December 8, 2015 – Faith & Culture: Religious Identity and Assimilation

Season 8, Episode 23

coexist[The Rabbi sings the “Dreidel Song!”] …on this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll discuss faith, religious identity, assimilation, and a little bit about Chanukah.¬†With the season of Chanukah upon us, and Christmas not far behind, what better time to talk about religious identity and the issue of assimilation in regard to the dominant culture. How do minority faith communities maintain their religious identity when sometimes there is such a strong pull by the dominant culture for them to assimilate? Also, we’ll ask the question, “would Chanukah be so ‘BIG’ in the US if it weren’t for Christmas?” Religious identity and assimilation — and the celebration of Chanukah — All of that is coming up on this installment of Friends Talking Faith.

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