S8:E14 FreeSpeech (10/6/15)

October 6, 2015 – Faith & Society: Freedom of Speech

Season 8, Episode 14

ScottRost3You can’t yell fire in a crowded movie house
– if there’s no fire. On this installment of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys, we discuss faith and freedom of speech. Constitution day is celebrated in the middle of September each year, but we’re extending our celebration of the United States
Constitution as we focus on one of the central freedoms enjoyed by Americans: “Freedom of Speech.” It is one of the most fundamental rights to ensure the continuation of a free society. And as expansive as free speech is in the United States, there are limits. What do our three faith traditions have to say about free FreeSpeech2speech? Is free speech a religious value? And what are the limits in regard to free speech? Our guest today, a lawyer who brings particular skill and insight to these constitutional questions, will help us sort it all out. We’re going to exercise some free speech with lawyer Scott Rost. That’s on this episode of Friends Talking Faith.

Retraction: in the original airing of this program, during the discussion regarding the armed protest at the Islamic community center in Phoenix, Arizona, we stated that the armed protesters had machine guns, and referred to them as automatic weapons.  This was a mistake, we apologize for our error. They were carrying semi automatic rifles, and other weapons as indicated in news reports.  An on air retraction will be offered during our program on October 27, as well. It has also been corrected on this podcast.


Men carrying rifles attend “Freedom of Speech Rally Round II” across from Islamic Community.

Armed Protestors at Islamic Community

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