S8:E2 Water (7/14/15)

July 14, 2015 – Faith & Science: Global and Local Water Issues

Season 8, Episode 2

EricRollingsAre you feeling a little parched? Well, you may be following this installment of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys as we discuss faith and global and local water issues. Water, water everywhere but not a drop… okay, we all know how the saying goes. Water, of course is absolutely essential to human life. But we know there is not an endless supply of fresh, drinkable water. Also, water has deep significance and meaning in the context of faith. Today, the Waterintersection of local and global water issues, and faith. And joining us, an expert in water usage and needs Mr. Eric Rollings (pictured above), Soil and Water Conservation Chairman for Orange, to help us sort it all out. That’s cool, clear water on this episode of Friends Talking Faith.

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