S7:E4 PoliceChief (1/27/15)

January 27, 2015 – Faith & Society: Community Policing and Faith

Season 7, Episode 4 – Series: Race Relations in America, Where Are We Now? (3 of 4)

ChiefMinaDrMcDonaldOn this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys — our third in a four-part series on “Race Relations In America: Where Are We Now?” — we discuss Faith and Community Policing. Tensions continue to run high as many members of the community have taken to the streets in protest regarding actions by certain police officers in various cities around the country. “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” has become the slogan of protest calling for an end to police violence against unarmed citizens. We’ll talk with the Orlando Chief of Police John Mina (pictured left) to get his perspective on what has happened, where we are now, and what we can do to work together to balance citizens rights and community safety. Also, we’ll talk with a former police officer and current College Professor Dr. James McDonald (pictured right) about his work in teaching principles of non-violence to law enforcement officers. Join the conversation, listen now!

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