S3:E8 Human Trafficking (11/19/13)

November 19, 2013 – Faith & Society: Human Trafficking

Tomas LaresSeason 3, Episode 8

Human beings, ripped from family, home, and community… in its worst manifestations it is akin to modern day slavery, targeting the poor, particularly children and women, and especially younger females, it exists at nearly epidemic levels, with some 27 million people enslaved world-wide.

Human trafficking is involved in almost every kind of exploitation, whether related to sex work, farm labor, tourism jobs, domestic servitude, nail salons, massage parlors, and there are many other settings. Our conversation guest, Mr. Tomas J. Lares, the founder and president of Florida Abolitionists will shed some light on this horrendous and often hidden reality in our society? Then, the guys will discuss the response needed by faith communities.

Click image below for the “Human Trafficking Task Force”


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