S7:E15 GlobalReunion (4/14/15)

April 14, 2015 – Faith & Science: AJ Jacobs’ and the Global Family

Season 7, Episode 15

AJ 5AJ 3He’s about to throw the biggest family reunion in the history of humankind, so on this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll discuss faith and the science of genealogy in regard to the human community. Our guest on this show is a New York Times best-selling author, and for his latest project he is the architect of the Global Family Reunion. It will take place in New York City on June 6 of this year, with satellite reunions happening simultaneously all over the world. His website boasts that he is cousin to no less than President George Herbert Walker Bush, actress Olivia Wilde, actor Daniel Radcliffe, recording artist John Legend, Harvard professor Steven Pinker, and many, many more. In fact, AJ Jacobs (pictured above) is out to prove that all 7 billion of us on the planet are related as family. Our conversation with AJ Jacobs about the global family on this installment of Friends Talking Faith.

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