S6:E22 NativeAmericans (11/25/14)

November 25, 2014 –¬†Faith &¬†Religion: Native American Indian Spirituality and Thought

Season 6, Episode 22

Iron EagleToday on Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll discuss faith, Thanksgiving and Native American Indian spirituality and thought. President Abraham Lincoln made it an official federal holiday in 1863. Often we hearken back to 1621, and the first harvest celebrations in the New World by the pilgrims. Those early bucolic scenes conjure images of English settlers in Dr. Tink TinkerPlymouth, side-by-side with their Native American Indian friends, sharing a feast together. Of course, we know there is also a much darker and more violent side in the American story of Western European settlers and the indigenous peoples of what would eventually become the United States of America. We’ll talk with a Native American Medicine Man (Iron Eagle, top right), and also a Native American scholar (Dr. Tink Tinker, bottom right) on this program to help us gain a deeper understanding of some of the continuing struggles. Native American thoughts about Thanksgiving, and much more, on this episode of Friends Talking Faith, listen now.


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