S12E37 Fact-Truth-Myth (9/10/19)

Faith & Religion:
Fact, Truth, and Myth

Is fact just another word for truth and is a myth the same as a lie? On this Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll discuss faith, facts, the truth, and myths. We are living in a time when lying sometimes appears to be a national pastime, especially for some of our political leaders – not to mention some religious leaders. We’ll take on the task of trying to sort out the idea of facts compared to truth and myths compared to lies. As we like to say, “words matter!” For people of faith, great care should be taken in our use of words and language. Really, that should be the case for all leaders and members of society. So, how are we doing with that? Our conversation about facts, truth, and myth, and what they mean for our world today – that’s on this episode of  Friends Talking Faith.

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