S12E35 Art and Soul (8/27/19)

August 27, 2019
Faith & Art:
The Connection of
Art and the Soul

How about it, does art imitate life, does life imitate art, or is it neither, or perhaps both? On this Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we will discuss, faith, art, and their connection. Art is a significant part of life. Whether we are artists or those who have an appreciation for art. Throughout the centuries, religion has been an integral part of the work and expression of many artists. We will ask someone who is both a clergy person and an artist to help us explore the connection and importance of faith and art. We’ll look at what the “faith-art” connection means from our particular faith perspectives. Our conversation with the Rev. Barton Buchanan, theologian and artist, about the connection of faith and art – that’s coming up on this episode of Friends Talking Faith.

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