S12E11 Reconciliation (3/12/19)

March 12, 2019
Faith & Relationships:
Our Call to Integrity in Community

When we have made a mistake, and it hurts another, there is a road to restoring relationship and finding reconciliation. On this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll discuss faith, integrity, and the road to reconciliation. First, when we make a mistake that hurts others, we must offer our heartfelt apology and ask for forgiveness. The second step is perhaps the more difficult one, restoring relationship and reconciling with the other. We will continue our conversation which we began last week when we talked with Imam Musri about comments he made regarding Black History Month. Our guest today, who is a longtime friend of the show and our friend – and a tremendously effective religious leader of African descent – will help us sort out the work of finding healing and building a better community, together. Our conversation with Father Rudolph Cleare regarding the road to reconciliation after making a mistake – That’s coming up on this Friends Talking Faith.

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