S11:E51 Love.Still.Winning.Eskamani (12/18/18)

December 18, 2018
Faith & Community: Love is Still Winning
Ida Eskamani
[PULSE Series – 3]

“Grieving through Activism” – it’s a phrase we learned from some of our friends after the PULSE massacre in Orlando. On this Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we will discuss faith and the ongoing work of many survivors, community leaders, and activists – two and a half years after the mass shooting at PULSE. This program marks the third in our series “Love Is Still Winning” as we look at the PULSE affected community and those who continue to work to help make a difference. In the hours, days, and months following this terrible tragedy in Orlando – the many who are representative of our caring and compassionate community rose up to begin the long process, even as everyone experienced their own grief, to reach out and help in whatever ways possible. Our guest today was a key leader in that work. We will talk to her about where we are now, and where we need to go. Our conversation with Ms. Ida Eskamani, – that’s coming up in just a moment on Friends Talking Faith.

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