S11:E42 Florida.Legislature (10/16/18)

October 16, 2018 – Faith & Politics: The Florida State Legislature

With State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith

Season 11, Episode 42

In just three short weeks our nation will head to the voting booth – are you ready? On this installment of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we will discuss faith and some of the issues facing Floridians in the upcoming national midterm elections. For some the election season is an invigorating time; for others the desire is to get past it as quickly as possible. Sometimes, people will feel the decisions in local, state, and national elections are pretty “cut and dried;” for others these issues require a lot of research and thought. We all approach elections differently – some people, sadly, even choose not to participate at all. Others, unfortunately, are barred from voting because of a past felony conviction. We will focus on one area of the upcoming national election which will occur just three weeks from the airing of this show: The Florida State Legislature. We will talk with one of the candidates running for re-election. In fairness, and so that you know, we invited his opponent to join us also, but there was no response to our invitation. Our conversation with Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, running for re-election to the state legislature in Florida’s 49th district – that’s on this Friends Talking Faith.

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