S11:E37 Peace.Justice (9/11/18)

September 11, 2018 – Faith & Justice: The Power of Non-Violence

Season 11, Episode 37

Faith, justice, peace, and the power of nonviolence – sure, we should be able to cover all of that in 30 minutes! On this Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll discuss faith and the quest for peace and justice through nonviolence. Today we mark 17 years since 9/11 – by far the most brutal terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. We pause to remember those who were taken from us that day, their families and friends, and our nation which was, on that day, changed forever – and in many ways, not for the better. What does the faith commitment to justice, peace, and nonviolence offer us as we continue to work toward bringing about a world of greater compassion and hope? On this remembrance of 9/11: justice, peace, and the road to nonviolent change – that’s on this episode of Friends Talking Faith.

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