S10:E28 Public.Prayer (7/11/17)

July 11, 2017 – Faith & America 2: Is Christian Prayer an Affront to Others?

with Pastor James Coffin

Season 10, Episode 28

Are you ever offended by prayers offered at public events? This week on Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll discuss faith, public prayer, and this ongoing national conversation. In this second of a four-part series – Faith & America – launched on 4th of July, we’ll delve into the issue of public prayer. Recently, at a public event in Central Florida, with leaders from many different faith traditions on stage for the opening prayer, the person giving the prayer ended by saying that the prayer was offered “in the name of Jesus Christ.” Following that incident, we – The Three Wise Guys – committed to engaging in a serious conversation with the larger community about the issues surrounding how public prayers are offered and how those offering public prayer might be vetted for such occasions. Since public prayer happens in many settings – football games, city Council meetings, community events, and more – and is part of our American tradition, should there be some rules on how they are structured and who offers them? We’ll get into it as were joined by one of our local faith leaders. Our conversation about offering public prayer with Pastor James Coffin (pictured here), Executive Director of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida — we’ll talk about all of it on this episode of Friends Talking Faith.


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