S10:E14 Human.Trafficking-2 (4/4/17)

April 4, 2017 – Faith & Society: Human Trafficking – Where is Hope?

Season 10, Episode 14

Are people who are involved in human trafficking actually sitting next to you in the pew on Sunday morning? On this episode of Friends Talking Faith with The Three Wise Guys we’ll talk about faith, some terrifying truths about human trafficking, and a group that’s working hard to bring an end to it. Tens of millions of people are trapped in various forms of slavery throughout the world today.  Researchers estimate that between 21 to 36 million are enslaved worldwide generating some $150 billion each year and elicit profits for traffickers.  We’ll talk to folks who are energized by God’s call for justice and are finding ways to serve men and women trapped in local slavery through specific outreach projects in partnership with law enforcement and local care providers.  Our conversation on human trafficking continues in this our second installment in a three-part series. You will want to hear what our guests have to say. The spiritual call to stop human trafficking – our conversation with Tracy Smith and Bob Ray from “121 Hope” – listen now to this installment of Friends Talking Faith.

121 Hope Website: CLICK HERE

Trafficking Hotline: 888 3737 888 (put it in your phone)

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